Effective Management of IT Infrastructure - Reporting. Part 1


In previous articles about the functionality of e-service platform ITmonit (1 and 2) have been presented: in the first the specificity of micro and small enterprises, which in addition to the their need for more efficient business operations requires also a proactive attitude to manage their own IT infrastructure, in the second were discussed features of independent modules such as e-help and e-monitoring. They allow  to manage IT infrastructure of organizations  effectively according to their needs and skills.

            This happens by taking into account different levels of practical knowledge and experience in the management of ICT equipment and trends related to this issue. The trend, which exists today shows that the solutions available on the market make it impossible to popularize proactive attitude to IT infrastructure management. However, it is equally necessary to take into account the cost of modernization and maintenance. So far the problem was a lack of available solutions to realization a wide range of activities and analyzes in order to prevent a premature wear of the equipment with simultaneous possibility of using  outsourcing executed by an e-service platform. Developing ITmonit functionality based on this model for customers results in fast access to applications (Internet), low and spread over time the cost of charges (subscription). Additionally independent modules of ITmonit, such as e-help and e-monitoring have been adjusted to the a diversified knowledge about infrastructure management, and thus also diversified needs. This can be illustrated by two examples, in the first one we have employees of a small company who by using programs, systems, computers, and phones fulfil their daily tasks related only with business profile of their company, such as transactions, finalizing the contracts, preparing deals etc., so they don't have a time for: a) streamlining processes for eg. sales by implementation of innovative solutions, b) optimizations and configurations of equipment, systems and programs; c) solving problems caused by malfunction or damage that occurs during current exploitation, d) analyzing of cases (causes, dependency) for prevention actions. One of the solutions in this case is hire an specialist of IT, but when a company is small and has only several employees, the costs relating to his maintenance disqualify this option. Another solution is to outsource, but understood more broadly than use of the services of the nearby IT company, because the solution offered by the module ITmonit, which is e-help beside supplying the system environment for managing IT infrastructure for the outsourcer, also provides a database of contacts which may be helpful for realization of service actions by another company of organization, which uses its services. Thereby giving a choice, which results in competitive prices.

In the second example, the company has a practical knowledge of the service actions, for example by hiring an administrator, also has a hardware, which includes various types of models and is from different manufacturers. This results a heterogeneity of brands what prevents an implementation of dedicated system offered by only one manufacturer, because it will not cooperate with appliances from other manufacturers. Briefly, currently exist tools to manage IT infrastructure, but with the stipulation that they concern a specific range of products. This leads to difficulties with shopping, because for micro and small enterprises is important to maximize savings rather than spending on the very possibility of using the system to manage the infrastructure by purchasing the products of one manufacturer. Therefore, such a solution is high-budget, what more  except for monitoring of key parameters of components does not include e.g. mobile devices, which are used across many businesses as a basic work tool, what only demonstrates that this is not adjusted to constantly changing customer needs and requirements. So diagnosed need is homogeneous, friendly and feature-rich environment e.g. for remote assistance, inventory or handling taken or ongoing service activities. These highly versatile requirements also fulfils other module of ITmonit, which is e-monitoring, by offering in practice for the company the opportunity of using the platform under subscription, while reducing the costs associated with its implementation.