Primarily functionality. Part 1

For companies the fourth quarter is the time to intensify their marketing activities, sales and purchasing. They can't function without a technological background, where stationary devices (eg. work stations), mobile devices (eg. tablet), network (eg. switch) play a key role, and their correct and efficient functioning intensifies profits and ensure security and stability of organization's work. So, for those who still don't take into account in the next year's budget the expenses on implement a system for managing IT infrastructure, or those who in current work felt already severe consequences of its absence we remind the ITmonit and summarize the functionality which was discussed earlier (1 2 3).

            The pillars of ITmonit are two independent modules (e-help and e-monitoring) -  first module has been created for users without technical and empirical knowledge of servicing an IT equipment, the second module is directed for people with experience in managing IT infrastructure, and of its administration and servicing. Thanks to this the offer of the company NEXT SERVICES is consistent and uniform, and at the same time leaves no room for understatements resulting from the misleading description of the proposed tools and functionality. An innovation in this context is also opening up to different levels of knowledge and experience. In short, the e-help and e-monitoring are adjusted to the specific needs at different levels. This fact is directly related to the vision of e-service platform ITmonit which main goal is to release micro and small enterprises from the high-budget solutions and the need for having human resources. At the moment the limitation for implementation of infrastructure management system in such organizations is the standardization of equipment. Such activities are implemented in companies with funds for this purpose and the effect on them is obviously beneficial, and a dedicated system optimal, efficient and sufficient. Don't take into account for obvious reasons, units from other manufacturers. This excludes a situation where we have the ability to add various devices with different operating systems (eg. the popular Android) into a single administrative and management console  - and this is the reality of functioning and the needs of the SME sector. ITmonit has been adapted to those requirements, and also opens up new opportunities previously unavailable on such systems, and by offering a base of suppliers and companies with experience in servicing and optimizing of infrastructure in each of the option of modular e-services, thereby creates a safe space to making contacts with companies which are professionals in a their field. This form of outsourcing facilitates the functioning of the organization allowing it to concentrate on its own business profile and guarantees on its services the presence of reliable subcontractors, reducing both random and temporary relationships type failure-repair-replacement.

            ITmonit is based on the cloud distribution model of e-services (SaaS), through which it can offer a solution on favourable financial conditions (subscription payment method). Its implementation is by installation of agents on specific devices and managing them through a website. The result is a lack of system installation requirements on the server, which typically generate higher costs and hamper to make a purchase decisions. Access to the service is via internet connection, so access to reports and monitor of key parameters of the equipment is possible the whole year and at any time of the day. Moreover, such a model allows to avoid slowdowns while adding new devices - and its maintenance, apply new features, update of knowledge base and system updates are vendor's obligation.