Primarily functionality. Part 2

Effective management of IT infrastructure involves using the system tools in order to avoid premature wear of the equipment and failure. What is important, by reducing the amount of equipment intended for disposal, positively affects the environment. For such purposes is dedicated monitoring of parameters of devices, by which shall be determined optimal values of work for components (eg. a workstation). In case of exceeding the optimal values the user is immediately informed about it in work panel in the form of notification, or through e-mail. In ITmonit for this kind of functionality is responsible a notification of exceedance an optimal parameters of components  - thus enabling faster response of the service. The Remote assistance is important from the perspective of notifications concerning slowdowns, inability to run the program or operating system fixation etc., in these and other cases, it can, regardless of the physical location of devices, to help by a remote connection to a hardware by technician or administrator to solve a problem.

            In both modules, each user has insight into the entire structure IT equipment which units are illustrated with intuitive icons indicating a specific type of equipment. Illustrating the network an interface allows in an easy and enjoyable way to move between devices to inter alia configure the optimal parameters, collect data on the components associated with unit or detect unauthorized connections to the system. From the perspective of the organization are also important available information regarding installation of the software. This information may prevent damages caused by employees who unknowingly by arbitrary action on software and hardware violate the manufacturer's licensing terms. ITmonit also allows to locate unused licenses, so if the user has notified a need for license, there is no need for buying a new one. Access to data on the system version or update may help to diagnose the problem, which is arising after installing a particular program, which functionality is limited or even its action is impossible.

            Each of the users appreciate the ability to access diversified and synthetic data. For this purpose has been developed dynamically generated  IT infrastructure reports. These include: 1) Status of IT infrastructure Report (shows devices that are connected to the network in specified period of time) 2) The report of current service activities (include ongoing and completed service requests), 3) Network interfaces status report (provides information about network ports in the standings on / off and which devices are connected to organization's network), 4) Report of defects (it shows to which devices were taken specific service operations and allows to verify quality of the device and quantity of its failures), 5) Update status report (shows which version of the update and the system is installed on the device), 6) Report of installed software and licenses report (specifies when and which software has been installed to simplify its inventory, verification of the legality and updates version).

            The difference between e-help and e-monitoring, are the needs resulting from the construction of IT organizations in the SME sector. In the case of the first module it is assumed a participation of an outsourcers in the management of IT infrastructure, and in the second one employment of an administrator. However, one model does not exclude the other, allows, thanks to ITmonit, choose freely between them according to your own needs while securing your own resources to get stability and safety of the company and the opportunity to plan profits without waiting for the losses.